Worm Poo, By Any Other Name, Would Still Smell As Sweet

Did I fix my smelly worm problem?

Fourteen days passed since I decided to leave the worm bin alone. Two weeks ago it was smelling, and healthy worm bins are not supposed to smell. What would it be like today?

I ventured over to the bin, opened the lid, and took a whiff. Hmm. No smell! I moved away the top bedding to see how much food my worms had eaten. To my surprise it was pretty much all gone!

I did smell something at this point though—the smell of sweet earth. I had heard humus from bacterial composting smelled lovely, but worm castings? Turn out worm poo smells great too!

I broke up bedding that slightly compressed on the surface and put it back in the bin. Then my husband went to the fridge to see if he could find any leftover food gone bad. We were in luck; wrapped in aluminum foil were two small roasted beets left from our Passover feast, now showing the first signs of mold. Delighted, I put pieces of beet on top of the soil and re-covered it with the newspaper shreddings.

It’s funny how my perceptions of old food has so quickly changed. Previously I would have wrinkled my nose at bad food. Since I began composting with worms I have begun to think of moldy or stale foods as terrific food for my worms to convert to fertile soil.


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  1. This is interesting. I’ve been thinking about starting a family project. But how do I choose the right kind of worms to use? Thanks! – Kristina


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