What is The Whole LIFE?

Living intentionally for excellence means striving for great rather than settling for average; assuming each of us can make a substantial difference by affecting one person’s life, who affects another and another, like a ripple in water; and doing so in ways that promote a healthy, wholesome environment for ourselves and at least seven generations ahead. Living intentionally in whole ways means accepting that every single choice we make has a bigger impact on our bodies and our world, and we have a responsibility to preserve our world for our future generations.


L.I.F.E. : Living Intentionally For Excellence

Living Intentionally for Excellence is always striving for better. Always making the effort to go beyond the minimum. Defeating the enemy GOOD to be the hero GREAT. Not settling for mediocrity when the soul of every human has the potential for greatness. It’s taking the gifts given to us at birth, defeating obstacles, and achieving a dream. It’s having a dream and the courage to pursue it, overcoming the fear that it won’t come true. It’s taking the harder path to Happiness than the easier path to Pleasure. It’s intentionally taking steps to do what’s right and best and living with purpose.

How is this done in Whole ways?

Living a Whole Life is recognizing we’re all connected: neighbors, countries, oceans, grasses, and animals. It’s being stewards on the Earth and our neighbors. Taking a few extra steps to make our world better, cleaner, and safer not just because it helps us but because it helps future generations. Voting with your wallet by buying  hormone-free meats dairy and environmentally sound (or at least better) products. It’s using a BPA-free water bottle. Teaching our children to exercise and recycle. Leading our neighbors by example by buying used or vintage. It’s planting an olive tree so our grandchildren can sit in its shade. And it’s identifying that every single choice we make has a bigger impact on our bodies and our world.

These stories share my attempts to Live Intentionally for Excellence in Whole ways.

The Whole Life’s AuthorShandi G. Penrod

Hi. Thanks for reading!  My name is Shandi Greve Penrod, and I’m a writer, entrepreneur, environmentalist, and nutritionist, among other things. My husband and I recently moved purchased our first home in Collinsville, Illinois, fifteen minutes from Downtown St. Louis.

I hope I can make a difference in your life by using my blog and other writings to share want I know and what I’m learning. Our environment, the things we touch, breathe and eat, affects our health, and I want to help you protect your family by sharing what I learn about protecting mine.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and please leave me a message if you like my posts, have something to share about your own efforts to protect your health and environment, or have an idea for a topic for this blog.


Shandi Greve Penrod


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